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Welcome to EBRC - AMA Club #544

We are located in Livermore, CA.


Next Club Meeting

Next meeting is May 21, 9am at the field.  I'll be in Spain for work and a siesta, so this one is on Bob.

EBRC 2017 Events

Date Event Type


March 25 Spring Fun Fly Club field
March 31 Float Fly Lake Hennessey, Napa
April 1 Night Fly LFE - www.lferc.com
May 6 Night Fly LFE - www.lferc.com
June 3 Night Fly LFE - www.lferc.com
June 10 Swap Meet Club field
June 17 Fun Fly Club field
June 23 Float Fly Lake Hennessey, Napa
 July 1  Night Fly  LFE - www.lferc.com
August 5 Night Fly LFE - www.lferc.com
August 26 Combat with Wings* Club field
September 2 Night Fly LFE - www.lferc.com
TBD Pylon Event Club field
October 7 Night Fly LFE - www.lferc.com
November 4 Night Fly LFE - www.lferc.com
December 2 Night Fly LFE - www.lferc.com

* For this event, we’re trying to target 24” wings, but we can also have other heats with different planes like bigger wings or Yak54 or Swift both from Tech One Hobbies.   We can make up the heats when we see what everyone brings out.  No restrictions on power!  This should be fun!

The Book of Bob!

Who has heard of it?  Tim compiled the book from photographs that Bob Donleavy has taken over the 30 years of EBRC... you can download/view the PDF here.  Bear in mind that the PDF is 30MB in size so it may take  17a while to download if you are on a slow connection (who has those these days anyway?).

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