3D Hobby Shop Edge 41 (Buck Huck), Motor Box Replacement

Recently, I had a mishap with this 3D Hobby Shop plane, smashing the cowl, motor box and motor mount plate as shown in the pics below. 


busted buck huck.JPG 

Smashed Buck Huck


busted side view.JPG

Motor Mount Damage



Motor Box Damage


I think the guys at 3DHS do a stellar job since you can buy a replacement motor box for about $12.  With this relatively inexpensive replacement part and a bottle of CA debonder, you can be at the following place in under 30 minutes. 



Motor Box Debonded with broken parts


motor boxless.JPG

Close up


The replacement motor box includes the formers and battery tray.  Many of the parts are not needed for this repair so can be discarded.  The parts are same as original laser cut, so the fit is excellent.   This is the third 3DHS motor box replacement I’ve done and and alignment is never an issue.


bh motor box repaired.JPG

Repaired Motor Box, Right Side


fixed motor box left side view.JPG

Repaired Motor Box, Left Side


The replacement parts go back in pretty quick.  You don’t always need to use the full piece and can cut them easily to fit the repairs needed.


buck with spinner 2.JPG

Reset Cowl and Ready to Go!


Overall, a pretty quick repair, much improved from the old days.  I like this method!


Happy Flying

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