Nano QX

Nano QX, Quad Copter


A friend was showing me his new Blade Nano QX copter and gave me a pull on it.  Loads of fun and I’m not even a heli guy!  So, on one windy lunch hour he and I went up to Victors and I bought one for $65 and I bound it to my DX8.   See pic below next to my transmitter in tray for a sense of scale.


nano QX.JPG

Blade Nano QX


I previously had a Blade Nano heli and never quite got the hang of it.  I ended up selling it to a friend who was more heli acquainted. 


I found the Nano QX much more stable and intuitive to a fixed wing pilot such as myself.  I fly it in my living room and even outdoors on a calm day.  And it weighs only 0.6oz with battery.


The propellers are fixed, although opposite pitch and contra rotating.  There are two yellow ones in the front which help with orientation and two black ones in the back.  



            Length, 5.7” square

            AUW:  18gr, 0.6oz

Battery:  1S150

Flight time:  6+ minutes


The kit comes with a single battery and a USB charger for it.  Of course, 1 batt is never enough so I bought a few more and a 4 up charger shown below. 


The charger runs on 12v DC, so I put a male deans connector on the charger and run it from a 3S2200.  It takes about 12% of the 3S2200 to charge 4x  1S150 batts.  I used my EOS to make sure I didn’t discharge the source batt too far.  The charger is composed of 4 independent chargers, one for each batt, so you can be in the middle of charging 1 or 2, and plug in another batt and the charger handles it, very nice. 


charger setup.JPG

Portable Charger setup


They also sell a wall charger for $10, but I passed on this one.  I happened to have a 12vDC transformer laying around from a kit for charging 3S batts. Since the charger runs on 12VDC, this was perfect, see pic below.  I’ll just put a female deans on this end then can use either AC  (from the wall) or DC from a battery as charging source.



AC adapter, 12vDC out, Perfect!


This quad is pretty delicate, so I wanted a case for it.  I’ve seen many people use the box it came in which is good.  However, I bought one that had the transmitter in it, although had Victor take the tx out as all I wanted was the heli with an appropriate price reduction.  So, the original box I have is a little big. 


I had one of these Harbor Freight boxes from my last failed heli excursion, and it fits perfect.  This particular one was 4” deep x 7” x 12”.  See pics.  I see a lot of Harbor Freight products at the fields. 


box closed.JPG

Harbor Freight Carrying Case

box open.JPG

Nano QX in Carrying Case


Inside the box, fits well, plenty of batts along the right side.  Also spare canopy which is green.  Enough room for charger and big batt as well as wall charger.  So, now I’m a traveling heli nerd.  J  Never thought I’d see the day.  



So, if you’re looking to step into the heli space in an easy way, you might consider a Nano QX.


Happy Flying


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