EBRC Camera Expansion - Interim Report

At last month’s meeting the club decided to move forward with adding cameras to the field.  In the intervening weeks Chris and I have been mapping out a path and this article summarizes where we are just now.  At this point the design is done and the parts picked.  We have purchased over half the materials. 

On the following page is a block diagram of the planned system, soup to nuts.  The highlighted areas on the block diagram are items that we have bought so far and includes the cameras(2), radio and the networking stuff and a couple of batteries.  The non-highlighted stuff, the power, we haven’t yet bought.

Even though we don’t have all the stuff yet, there is still some that we can do now as well as needed prep for the full power system.  There is plenty to do.

What we can do today


  • Install the new radio link and migrate our current weather station to it.  This mostly involves mounting the new dish antennas and getting the link up.  Won’t see much change on the web except some outages during the transfer. 

Need to do in preparation for power (where we can use help from others in the club)

  •      Prep a box for all the gear.  Current thinking is could put this in the middle of the shade structure.  One suggestion I like is  a metal box inside the tx impound.  Would really be nice to put it on rollers so could just be pulled out from the tx box.  Needs to accommodate the following gear. 

a.       Charge controller 11”x12”

b.      Usb bridge 2.5”x4”x1”

c.       POE switch 4”x6”x1.5”

d.      Shunt board.  2”x4” maybe in box

e.      Batteries.  4x,  each  7”x7”X3”

f.        Data acquisition unit 4.8”x3.3”x1.2”

g.       Interlock  relay  2”x3”x2”

h.      breakers

i.         Ventilation with rain protection

  •        Mount the wind turbine.   The turbine is 50lb, with a 5ft sweep diameter and 43” length, pic below.  The supplier recommendation is 1.5” pipe and muffler hangers.  Needs open wind access, maybe 15’ tall or so.  Thinking east end of the shade structure, maybe an additional post between the two posts.

  •        Frame out for new solar panels, 26” x 40”.  Expect similar framing to old one.
  •        Design and build the shunt board (Tim).  I need to do this one.  It will allow us to monitor the entire system and tweak it. 

So, let me know if you are willing to help. 

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