Gadget Alley - Talking Timer

When I’m flying I sometimes loose track of the time and am wondering how much time is left before I need to land.  I’m reluctant to take my eyes off the plane for fear of disorientation.  I always use the transmitter’s timer, but it only lets me know when the session has ended, not where I am at any point within the session. 

In the past, I have seen other flyers use a talking timer to resolve this problem, but I never had one myself.   I was given this one by a friend at the field and started using it recently.  I must admit I’ll continue using it all the time now as the audible messaging gives me a way to pace the remaining flight time.  Stellar!

talking timer.JPGTalking Timer

The way it works is that you set the time by use of the minutes and seconds button, hit start, and the timer starts to count down.  An audible voice echo’s “start” and thereafter states the time on minute intervals “5 minutes”, “4 minutes”, till reaching 10 seconds when it starts counting down by seconds.  I usually set the talking time to a time a little shorter than my tx and found this to work well. 

I found that a circle of the field takes on the order of 1 minute for me. 

I had this on the lanyard initially, but this interfered with my flight pad so I shortened the lanyard.  I didn’t care for it to be swinging around, so I mounted it on flight pad as shown below. 

There is a hole in my flight pad behind the mount.  I used 4-40 blind nuts and screws through the smaller board to sandwich against flight pad. 

tt pieces.JPG

Mounting pieces

Timer assembled to the backing board with cable ties. 

tt on backing board.JPG

Cable Tie Mounting


tt on flight pad.JPG

Assembled to Flight Pad

A talking timer is nice addition to the flying toolbox and one that I would highly recommend.  

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